Alice Rogan-Nelson is a U.S. born glass artist working in various disciplines of the artform. Her works have been created using a variety of techniques including cast, blown, fused, vitreous enamels, and mixed media sculptural pieces. Her efforts are ever changing, and always pushing toward new, unexplored frontiers of glass and compatible materials.

This Website includes information taken from the artist's first newsletter, Liquid Light and covers a host of activities the artist is currently involved in. Watch for color photos of some of her work, coming soon to this site. Feel free visit her homepage as well, and to leave e-mail if you'd like to!


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Chowan College's Green Hall Gallery, located in Murfreesboro, NC, will be the location of a new installation of artwork relating to a personal journey through the portals of numinous experiences. Alice Rogan-Nelson and Emilio Santini will explore the Rites of Passage using glass as the primary chosen medium to express this message, both individually and collaboratively. The show will be a visual bridge to discover turning points and shifts that have been pivotal to each of them.

Rites of Passage is probably the most difficult creative challenge Alice has attempted. The technical process alone demands new answers. A steel grid wall will encompass a diverse combination of glass and mixed media artwork. Composed of a fragmentary collage of images, it will relate to a traveled path. This creative mind bending design work is a journey back in time, moving toward the present, and then taking a leap into the future. All in a day's work? Wish it were that easy? She does!

Chance encounters and the events they trigger are surprising, because they can be the encounters that can shift your spirit forever. In preparation for this show Alice started a journal, recording dreams, memories, and visions relating to those coincidences that bind the thread of a lifeline. Floating at the end of that thread can be quite an enlightening experience. It is this thread of understanding that she has been motivated to share.

Emilio Santini, a Venetian glass artist now based in Virginia, will express these images by exploring his signature flamework figure sculpting technique. The glass sculpture he is creating will push the limits of the art. "The artistic explorations revealed in my work express my unending and infinitely intricate fascination with this medium to which I am psychologically bound. The ever-present fluidity and gracefulness of form gives the pieces life through transparency, whimsical representation of the presence and absence of reality."

Alice will explore the use of portals to access ethereal worlds. This installation of art will relate to a cerebral journey and the cooperative influence that glass shares in that process. Emilio will express images of his inner self by sharing what he considered critical turning points living in a world of Venetian glass and presently living in the American glass scene. " The consciousness of joining the larger circle is the arrival point, as the different paths are the realities of what we choose-consciously or unconsciously."

This will be the first time Chowan College has presented glass in its Art Gallery. Alice and Emilio would be honored to share each of their smaller circles of, what Alice refers to as liquid light, with a larger circle of audience. Rites of Passage opens on Friday, February 23, 1996 with a public reception from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. The show will run through March 15th.

For information on the show, call Chowan College (919)398-410, Green Hall Gallery, Christina Rupsch, Visual Art Department Chairman. Chowan College Art Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays, and Saturdays by appointment.

The collaborative work of Alice Rogan-Nelson and Emilio Santini began with these goblets: I'd Touch The Sky, But My Head Gets In the Way, and Handbag Hanna Cools OFF. Emilio executed Alice's design which she then sandblasted and finished with an applied cold paint and silver leaf. THE GLASS GALLERY in Bethesda, MD is presently showing these pieces. Emilio's Master of Flamework show in July and August was represented by TGG. This show also spawned an additional collaborative effort.

Alice says:

"I am influenced by the primal source of chromatic vibration that glass inherently emits. The glass canvas is a natural to me and expression of color within that interior awakens its movement. Interactive relationships between people and the energy shared or blocked are captured in these paintings and sculptures. This fragile balance of life is always difficult to maintain and has continually fascinated me. "


Listening to yourself helps you grow into the person you're destined to be. This, of course, takes much patience and practice. Opening your mental ears and awareness to the answers sent to you throughout your day is a key element in the process. Meditation is one way to focus that attention. The amount of aural contamination invading you on a daily basis can be overpowering. Take some time each day to listen to yourself. That time allows you to extend your imagination. You can take flight within the limitless boundaries of your mind. The imagination is at home in a soul. It's the heart of your identity that allows your true self to emerge.

What can happen to a person who listens? Learn to be ready to take action. Rites of Passage, an upcoming show, will be the result of answers I received and the actions I started to take. How will I incorporate those answers into a glass artwork installation? My intuition guided me to the correlation of chromatic vibrations of glass and colors to the effect they've had on my own life.

Each color has it own level of energy. While this may be an oversimplified explanation of what I call vitreous color rays, remember: I'm simply an artist exploring a field of energy, not a scientist! The vibrational energy of chromatic light is a difficult concept to crystallize due to the nature of its ephemeral character. This abstract condition explains why I'm also fascinated with time and music. A musical note can be expressed and structured to complete a composition. This vibration is suspended in time auditorially in a way that we can experience at least momentarily. It measurers the moment. You are aware of that moment. To translate such a moment to art and glass is a path I've begun to experiment with. The transcending physical experience becomes the metaphysical reality. I would like to tie this to another idea of the interconnectiveness of time. The past, present, and future may be connected in a continuum of vibrational energy achieved through chromatic liquid light. Catch a ride into a thought, an idea. Explore the possibilities. Then take a leap into the light.

Did I lose you? Amuse you? Confuse you? Step back and find yourself before you leap ahead!

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Boston, MA

Starting October 25th, 1995 and continuing through November 10th, Alice Rogan-Nelson was scheduled at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Glass Instructor Barbara Dowling invited Alice to work at the school for a two semester visiting art residency. The next workshop will be in April, followed by the preparation and construction of the student installation for the GAS (Glass Art Society) Conference held in June.

Alice will be teaching a workshop of pâte de verre. This is process, in which, frit (ground glass) is packed into a plaster-type mold and then kiln fired, melting the glass in the mold. After the mold has been slowly cooled in the kiln, it is removed, the plaster is split apart, and the finished glasswork removed. Cold-working techniques such as sandblasting and acid polishing can be worked on as needed.

Mags Harries, Sculpture Instructor at The Museum School has donated 300 pounds of Coca-Cola frit to the Glass Department for use with this workshop. All donations are welcomed, since getting enough materials for students often calls for some creative budget stretching. Thank You!

A suggested theme of a Rain Forest glass art installation for the student exhibition was brought up for a vote and is under consideration, as is the issue of scale. Students will work individually and collectively on this installation using techniques of pâte de verre, kiln fired glass, enameled glass, sandblasting, stained glass, and mixed media art. The project is in the planning stage now, and while funds are limited, there's a great deal of creative energy at work.

Alice will work with students to implement their ideas and troubleshoot installation aspects. Keep an eye out for this extraordinary, inconceivable glass installation at the upcoming GAS Conference! These students are a definite "10" to work with, and some of the finest art students Alice has had the pleasure working with. Do not miss the opportunity of seeing their work! It opens on Friday, June 7th at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 230 The Fenway, Boston, Massachusetts

Preparation for Boston Glass (G.A.S.) Conference

The Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts from June 6 through June 9, 1996. Pre and post conference workshops will be offered as part of the event. Information on this conference will be available beginning in the December/January time frame. Check with your supporting glass art guild or organization for more information.

Massachusetts Art College, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Gardner Museum will be the sites of lectures, workshops, demos, and exhibitions of art. The activities in conjunction with this conference will certainly make it a memorable visit to Boston.

Massachusetts Art College is the center of all the GAS activities. A change to past conferences reduces the number of lecture days from three to two, and increases the number of demo days by one, to two days. The demand for more demos by past conference attendants has been heard! Mass Art will hold their Glass Reception on June 6th (Thursday), the opening night.

Barbara Dowling is curating the Invitational Glass Show at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. It will be held in the Grossman Gallery for the Alumni and Student Show, in conjunction with the GAS Conference. The School's Atrium and Bag Gallery space will then be available for the student installation. An opening reception will be held on June 7th (Friday). Workshops and demos will also be held at the Museum School. Barbara is still raising money to fund the many expenses incurred for this conference Donations such as art materials for her glass students would also be greatly appreciated. If you can help out, call Barbara Dowling, Glass Art Instructor, at (617)267-6100, or mail your donation to: The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Barbara Dowling; Glass Department, 230 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 Attention: GAS Conference.

Alice Rogan-Nelson will also have some of her artwork on exhibit at The Museum School during the conference. Her work with the students will be a part of their installation work seen in the school's Atrium and Bag Galleries. GAS '96 should prove to be an outstanding conference!

Emilio Santini will be doing a demo of flameworking at Massachusetts Art College, exhibiting his artwork and maybe teaching a pre or post conference workshop. Look for him there!

Printmaking On Glass

Christina Rupsch, Visual Art Chairman at Chowan College in Murfreesboro, NC has invited Alice Rogan-Nelson and Emilio Santini to experiment with using glass plates for a printing process called Vitreograph Printing. Chris was able to visit Harvey Littleton's studio this past summer during her printing class at Penland, NC. Since this was not a style of printing she was familiar with, it intrigued her. She suggested that Alice and Emilio visit the Visual Art Department and work with her in exploring this process. It probably took less than two seconds to answer -- yes! There might be a chance to view these first humble beginnings at the show in February.

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